Skin Care

CCM for Skin Care

Histogen has developed a multipotent cell conditioned media (CCM) ingredient for skin care that harnesses the power of growth factors and other cell signaling molecules to support our epidermal stem cells, which renew skin throughout life.

“Histogen has developed a next-generation regenerative cell technology, harnessing the power of growth factors and stem-cell signaling molecules for skin rejuvenation that complements Allergan’s flagship growth factor technology – TNS,” said Rahul Mehta, Ph.D. Vice President, Research & Development at SkinMedica, an Allergan Company.

The multipotent CCM is currently available through dermatologists as part of Allergan’s SkinMedica product line.


Skin Care Partnership

Leading global biopharmaceutical company Allergan has licensed Histogen’s multipotent CCM for its dermatologist-dispensed skin care line.

In January 2020, Histogen announced the expansion of its agreement with Allergan to include new channels such as digital platforms, spas and salons, and pairing of Histogen’s CCM with Allergan’s microdermabrasion therapies.