Dr. Mark A. Hubka

Executive Director of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Hubka, Executive Director of Clinical Affairs, brings more than 25 years of clinical experience from the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine to Histogen. His experience in managed care includes his time as State Director of the largest designated provider network (DPN) in California, focused on worker’s compensation.

Dr. Hubka has specialized in cost containment in healthcare, consulting for large employers such as Rohr Industries and the San Diego Union Tribune, as well as City and County agencies including San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Dr. Hubka previously acted as a consultant to labor councils as well as unions, and has worked with the insurance industry, defense and applicant attorneys.

Dr. Hubka also was the Physician Administrator at an out-patient orthopedic surgery center, where he helped to interface with the surgeons and their staff. While in that position, Dr. Hubka handled quality controls and outcome assessments which made for a natural transition to the regenerative medicine field, particularly relating to clinical trials.

Dr. Hubka currently sits on the National Licensing Board and does private consulting to college and professional athletes.